Customs rules in Algeria

I -  Rules to be observed upon entry in Algeria

You can import:

Your new or used items, which you may reasonably need for your personal use during your trip.

NB: The appreciation of this need depends on the circumstances of the said trip. Nevertheless, all goods imported or exported for commercial purposes are excluded.

You benefit of:

Warning: the nature and the number of your effects and objects must not be of a commercial character under penalty of being excluded from the benefit of the flat taxation.


Articles excluded from the benefit of flat-rate taxation when their number and quantity exceed the needs of the traveler:

Various prohibitions:

The items must not be subject to entry bans:

The content must not be subject to international protection measures:

The content should not be subject to special administrative formalities:

Categories of sensitive equipment: 
- sensitive telecommunications equipment; 
- Aeronautical and road sensitive equipment; 
- Other sensitive equipment.


The customs services may deposit the declared objects and effects in the case where:

A deposit slip is given to regularize your situation within a month. 
After this period, the objects and effects are automatically acquired for the benefit of the public treasury.

You are a non-resident traveler:

You come to stay temporarily in Algeria, you can benefit from the temporary importation free of duties and taxes of your objects intended for your personal use.

Do not forget to make your currency declaration (see below): 
The declaration of currency and valuables is given to you at the entrance and is required for the verification when you leave the national territory. You are asked to indicate:

II -  Rules to be observed when leaving Algeria

You can export your belongings and personal effects without any customs formalities;

General exclusions:

You are a non-resident traveler:

Imported goods must be re-exported at the end of the stay, except in the case of release for home use under the terms and conditions of the regulations in force. You must present to the customs service the declaration of foreign currency and valuables as well as the rest of the currencies. detained;

You are a resident traveler:

You must present to the control of the customs service:

These controls are intended to combat money laundering resulting from illicit trafficking, particularly drug trafficking.

Also, a justification concerning your effects and objects of Algerian origin will be granted to you by the customs services. This justification will allow the said services to identify them when you return to Algeria.

III -  Import and export of currencies

IV - Contact information

Free Green Number of Algerian Customs: 1023
Regional Direction of "Alger-Extérieur" Airport:
14, rue Amar Ali Dar el Beida - Algiers
(+213)21 508475 / (+213) 21 508360













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