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Airline Timetable Delay statistics
> ArrivalsFlightOriginTime
MondayAH6107Es Senia Airport (DZ)09:00
MondayAH6007Les Salines Airport (DZ)09:15
MondayAH6201Noumerate Airport (DZ)09:45
MondayAH6027Ain El Bey Airport (DZ)09:01
MondayAH6181Es Senia Airport (DZ)10:50
MondayAH6171Les Salines Airport (DZ)11:40
MondayAH6191Ain El Bey Airport (DZ)11:40
MondayAH6059Jijel Ferhat Abbas Airport (DZ)13:25
MondayAH6141Adrar Airport (DZ)15:30
MondayAH6157Timimoun Airport (DZ)14:30
MondayAH6111Es Senia Airport (DZ)15:25
MondayAH6231Aguenar - Hadj Bey Akhamok Airport (DZ)16:55
MondayAH6219Ain Beida Airport (DZ)16:10
MondayAH6143Adrar Airport (DZ)17:30
MondayAH6041Biskra Airport (DZ)15:50
MondayAH6147Tindouf Airport (DZ)17:20
MondayAH6305Ain Beida Airport (DZ)16:55
MondayAH6133Leger Airport (DZ)17:40
MondayAH6121Zenata Airport (DZ)16:50
MondayAH6177Les Salines Airport (DZ)17:25
MondayAH6193Ain El Bey Airport (DZ)18:10
TuesdayAH6107Es Senia Airport (DZ)09:00
TuesdayAH6007Les Salines Airport (DZ)09:15
TuesdayAH6201Noumerate Airport (DZ)09:45
TuesdayAH6027Ain El Bey Airport (DZ)09:10
TuesdayAH6191Ain El Bey Airport (DZ)11:15
TuesdayAH6177Les Salines Airport (DZ)11:40
TuesdayAH6057Jijel Ferhat Abbas Airport (DZ)13:10
TuesdayAH6253Guemar Airport (DZ)13:20
TuesdayAH6181Es Senia Airport (DZ)13:25
TuesdayAH6051Bejaia Airport (DZ)13:20
TuesdayAH6141Adrar Airport (DZ)15:30
TuesdayAH1011Paris Orly Airport (FR)15:00
TuesdayAH6237Aguenar - Hadj Bey Akhamok Airport (DZ)17:00
TuesdayAH6149Tindouf Airport (DZ)17:30
TuesdayAH6471Noumerate Airport (DZ)16:10
TuesdayAH6477El Bayadh Airport (DZ)16:30
TuesdayAH6409El Golea Airport (DZ)17:25
TuesdayAH6151Leger Airport (DZ)17:35
TuesdayAH6193Ain El Bey Airport (DZ)17:30
TuesdayAH6171Les Salines Airport (DZ)17:50
TuesdayAH6217Ain Beida Airport (DZ)18:30
TuesdayAH6185Es Senia Airport (DZ)18:00
WednesdayAH6107Es Senia Airport (DZ)09:00
WednesdayAH6007Les Salines Airport (DZ)09:15
WednesdayAH6027Ain El Bey Airport (DZ)09:10
WednesdayAH6191Ain El Bey Airport (DZ)11:30
WednesdayAH6253Guemar Airport (DZ)11:55
WednesdayAH6171Les Salines Airport (DZ)12:30
WednesdayAH6522Ain El Bey Airport (DZ)12:07
WednesdayAH6059Jijel Ferhat Abbas Airport (DZ)13:30
WednesdayAH6041Biskra Airport (DZ)13:40
WednesdayAH6292Aguenar - Hadj Bey Akhamok Airport (DZ)15:25
WednesdayAH6289Aguenar - Hadj Bey Akhamok Airport (DZ)15:55
WednesdayAH6227Oued Irara Airport (DZ)16:30
WednesdayAH6157Timimoun Airport (DZ)17:30
WednesdayAH6217Ain Beida Airport (DZ)17:45
WednesdayAH6183Es Senia Airport (DZ)17:45
WednesdayAH6177Les Salines Airport (DZ)18:00
WednesdayAH2071Frankfurt am Main Airport (DE)18:33
WednesdayAH6103Es Senia Airport (DZ)18:30
WednesdayAH6195Ain El Bey Airport (DZ)20:05
WednesdayAH2015Barcelona (ES)20:50
ThursdayAH6107Es Senia Airport (DZ)08:45
ThursdayAH6007Les Salines Airport (DZ)08:50
ThursdayAH6141Adrar Airport (DZ)10:35
ThursdayAH6201Noumerate Airport (DZ)09:45
ThursdayAH6027Ain El Bey Airport (DZ)09:01
ThursdayAH6181Es Senia Airport (DZ)11:20
ThursdayAH6191Ain El Bey Airport (DZ)11:40
ThursdayAH6057Jijel Ferhat Abbas Airport (DZ)12:55
ThursdayAH6041Biskra Airport (DZ)13:25
ThursdayAH6311Inedbirenne Airport (DZ)14:55
ThursdayAH6143Adrar Airport (DZ)14:40
ThursdayAH6477El Bayadh Airport (DZ)14:10
ThursdayAH6147Tindouf Airport (DZ)15:45
ThursdayAH6313Ain Beida Airport (DZ)14:55
ThursdayAH6487Inedbirenne Airport (DZ)16:00
ThursdayAH1011Paris Orly Airport (FR)15:10
ThursdayAH6133Leger Airport (DZ)16:05
ThursdayAH6053Bejaia Airport (DZ)15:40
ThursdayAH6231Aguenar - Hadj Bey Akhamok Airport (DZ)18:00
ThursdayAH6253Guemar Airport (DZ)17:40
ThursdayAH6217Ain Beida Airport (DZ)17:55
ThursdayAH6195Ain El Bey Airport (DZ)17:40
ThursdayAH6001Les Salines Airport (DZ)18:30
ThursdayAH6185Es Senia Airport (DZ)18:40
FridayAH6107Es Senia Airport (DZ)08:30
FridayAH6223Oued Irara Airport (DZ)09:10
FridayAH6007Les Salines Airport (DZ)09:15
FridayAH6201Noumerate Airport (DZ)09:45
FridayAH6027Ain El Bey Airport (DZ)09:10
FridayAH6181Es Senia Airport (DZ)11:50
FridayAH6171Les Salines Airport (DZ)11:55
FridayAH6191Ain El Bey Airport (DZ)13:10
FridayAH6119Zenata Airport (DZ)13:30
FridayAH6267Touggourt Airport (DZ)14:10
FridayAH6141Adrar Airport (DZ)15:30
FridayAH6232Inedbirenne Airport (DZ)15:50
FridayAH6147Tindouf Airport (DZ)15:55
FridayAH6227Oued Irara Airport (DZ)14:30
FridayAH6135Leger Airport (DZ)16:05
FridayAH6335Illizi Airport (DZ)17:00
FridayAH6217Ain Beida Airport (DZ)19:00
FridayAH6319Ain Beida Airport (DZ)17:30
FridayAH6253Guemar Airport (DZ)17:45
FridayAH6039Batna Airport (DZ)17:20
FridayAH6245In Amenas Airport (DZ)20:00
FridayAH6193Ain El Bey Airport (DZ)17:30
FridayAH6185Es Senia Airport (DZ)17:48
FridayAH6177Les Salines Airport (DZ)20:05
SaturdayAH6107Es Senia Airport (DZ)09:00
SaturdayAH6007Les Salines Airport (DZ)09:15
SaturdayAH6201Noumerate Airport (DZ)09:45
SaturdayAH6027Ain El Bey Airport (DZ)09:10
SaturdayAH6171Les Salines Airport (DZ)11:35
SaturdayAH6191Ain El Bey Airport (DZ)11:40
SaturdayAH6181Es Senia Airport (DZ)11:55
SaturdayAH6043Biskra Airport (DZ)13:30
SaturdayAH6157Timimoun Airport (DZ)14:30
SaturdayAH6143Adrar Airport (DZ)15:00
SaturdayAH6133Leger Airport (DZ)15:20
SaturdayAH6253Guemar Airport (DZ)15:13
SaturdayAH6349Ain Beida Airport (DZ)15:55
SaturdayAH2025Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport (IT)15:40
SaturdayAH6217Ain Beida Airport (DZ)16:40
SaturdayAH6292Aguenar - Hadj Bey Akhamok Airport (DZ)17:30
SaturdayAH6239Noumerate Airport (DZ)17:05
SaturdayAH6473Illizi Airport (DZ)17:45
SaturdayAH6147Tindouf Airport (DZ)18:20
SaturdayAH6343Ain Beida Airport (DZ)17:40
SaturdayAH6057Jijel Ferhat Abbas Airport (DZ)17:40
SaturdayAH6521El Golea Airport (DZ)19:10
SaturdayAH6193Ain El Bey Airport (DZ)18:40
SaturdayAH6177Les Salines Airport (DZ)19:25
SaturdayAH6185Es Senia Airport (DZ)20:30
SundayAH6107Es Senia Airport (DZ)08:30
SundayAH6007Les Salines Airport (DZ)09:15
SundayAH6201Noumerate Airport (DZ)10:05
SundayAH6027Ain El Bey Airport (DZ)09:35
SundayAH6171Les Salines Airport (DZ)11:40
SundayAH6039Batna Airport (DZ)11:50
SundayAH6181Es Senia Airport (DZ)12:00
SundayAH6217Ain Beida Airport (DZ)12:25
SundayAH6191Ain El Bey Airport (DZ)13:15
SundayAH6059Jijel Ferhat Abbas Airport (DZ)13:40
SundayAH6143Adrar Airport (DZ)14:40
SundayAH6157Timimoun Airport (DZ)14:05
SundayAH6227Oued Irara Airport (DZ)15:20
SundayAH6232Inedbirenne Airport (DZ)16:20
SundayAH6253Guemar Airport (DZ)16:35
SundayAH6043Biskra Airport (DZ)17:20
SundayAH6195Ain El Bey Airport (DZ)17:36
SundayAH6177Les Salines Airport (DZ)18:15
SundayAH3027Istanbul Airport (TR)20:50
SundayAH6185Es Senia Airport (DZ)18:45
Disclaimer: the above timetable is given as an indication. Furthermore, codeshared flights may not be displayed.

The last delays recently noted:

AirlineFlightDelay on departureDelay on arrival
AH2015 on 06/2021
AH6125 on 06/2021
AH6125 on 05/2021
AH6183 on 04/2021
AH6157 on 04/2021
AH6193 on 03/2021
AH6027 on 03/2021
AH6007 on 03/2021
AH6147 on 03/2021
AH6477 on 03/2021
AH6001 on 03/2021
AH6007 on 03/2021
AH6185 on 03/2021
AH6171 on 03/2021
AH6193 on 02/2021
AH6059 on 02/2021
AH6007 on 02/2021
AH6107 on 02/2021
AH6181 on 02/2021
AH1001 on 02/2021
AH6185 on 02/2021
AH6143 on 02/2021
AH1001 on 02/2021
AH6027 on 02/2021
AH6007 on 02/2021
AH6007 on 02/2021
AH6107 on 02/2021
AH6121 on 02/2021
AH6007 on 02/2021
AH6103 on 02/2021
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